We highly suggest reviewing our FAQ page as well for answers to common questions.

We have tried to go above and beyond to provide the best off-grid experience in the comfort of our meticulously kept cabin. The cabin provides a great place to escape the natural elements, with some feelings of "home" to make the experience cozy and enjoyable. However, please remember that this is a off-grid experience which means there will be certain limitations. Be sure to review this page in its entirety as it contains important information for your stay.

Our cabin sleeps up to 10 people comfortably. The master bedroom downstairs has its own private bathroom, whereas the second bedroom upstairs has a separate bathroom that is shared with the loft. The loft is what we call the 'sleeping quarters', where the rest of the beds are at. We have a fully stocked kitchen with everything you need to cook, a cozy dining room, and a spacious family room. Inside the cabin, you will find various board games and a 65" smart TV with access to Netflix, etc. Our garage was turned into part recreation room, part storage. Your stay includes access to recreation room which features a ping pong table, foosball table, dart board, and a sitting area. The real fun is outside though! There are tons of amenities, but our favorite is simply enjoying the outdoors; we have a large play area that features swing sets, a playground, a tricycle race track, and even a soccer goal. We encourage you to bring your ATVs, dirt bikes, or off-road toys because you will have tons of space to ride around! With 47 acres, you can ride in every direction of the property. 


We are 100% off the grid, which means we do not depend on any public utilities. It's very important for us to be upfront about all of this, as we do not want to be dinged in our reviews for things out of our control. So please be mindful that this is and was always meant to be an outdoor experience. A few very important things to note about staying with us:

All water on the property is hauled in so we are very focused on water conservation. You'll notice there are signs throughout the cabin with helpful tips on how to best conserve water. Please be water conscious during your stay.

Our solar panel system provides electricity; it is very efficient but please be mindful of usage including that:

  • Short winter days, or even cloudy days, present a real challenge for the cabin as the low, weak sun can’t keep the batteries fully charged. In these instances, it is very possible power will go out. We apologize in advance for the inconveniences.
  • We have a standby generator in place to provide backup power in case of an outage but this will only serve for a few hours to protect batteries from overcharging.
  • We have a separate smaller generator specifically to power the water pump to at least keep water running during outages.
  • Our setup will not be able to provide power for major medical devices or high energy consumption devices (blow dryer, electric heater, etc) as it will drain power storage.

We use propane for heat so please be aware:

  • The cabin does not have central heating/air (we use a propane heater in the winter, and there are screened windows and fans for the summer)
  • Winter temperatures can drop as low as 15° F and the winds can be very high. Please take this into consideration while planning your trip. If you are very sensitive to cold weather, we suggest planning your trip in the warmer months (March- October).
  • Pack extra warm clothing (thermals and long johns) to keep warm. All bedding and blankets are provided, though you're always welcome/encouraged to bring extra blankets in the winter time.

Cell Coverage and Wifi:

  • There are no phone lines but we do have a signal booster specifically for AT&T and T-Mobile customers - other carriers may be spotty
  • We have Starlink satellite internet with speeds up to 150mps

Our property is a magnificent place offering opportunities to reconnect with nature, but if you're unfamiliar with this landscape, it's also dusty, windy, and shares its space with abundant local wildlife. This region, our property included, can see visits from coyotes, jack rabbits, cattle, and occasionally, snakes and bobcats. We ask all our guests to please respect the wildlife and enjoy them from a distance.


Guests will have access to the entire cabin and 47 acre property, with the exclusion of two storage units (one located inside the garage), an exterior utility closet, and locked owners' closets within the cabin. Please respect these areas.

Please be aware of property boundaries, signified by either fencing or orange ribbon. Please ride your 4x4 toys INSIDE our properly only; we have very private neighbors and some do not have their property fully fenced so it's easy to trespass. Please stay within our property to avoid any trouble and respect their privacy as well.

The property is accessed by a 2 mile dirt road. The dirt roads are community-maintained, passable 90% of the time, and are always a fun ride; there aren’t any major clearance issues, but it will be bumpy so take it slow and enjoy the scenery. There are seasons that we experience monsoons, and snow.

Please be advised that during these times AWD/4WD is HIGHLY recommended. Always check the weather before your stay in order to plan/pack accordingly. Towing is VERY expensive in this area and we DO NOT offer towing as hosts. Please take this into consideration while planning your trip.

Additionally, please be advised we have several exterior cameras covering main common areas around the property for safety, liability, and insurance reasons. These are monitored regurlarly.


Please note this is our personal home; please treat it with care and respect. Any excessive messes, damage, or trash left behind will result in a fee charged to your deposit. We appreciate you taking care of the property while enjoying your stay. We also have the following policies implemented so please be sure to familiarize yourself with them; each of these are strictly enforced.


Early check-in requests are often not granted due to cleaning times.  

  • Check in: 4:00 pm
  • Check out: 11:00 am


Smoking is not allowed inside the cabin. If you smoke inside, a minimum cleaning fee of $450.00 will be charged to your card. The non-smoking policy refers to cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, e-cigarettes, and burning of candles (other than candles we provide) or incense.


Because we have delicate wood flooring, we kindly ask that you leave any muddy, wet, or dirt-covered shoes in the mudroom before entering the cabin. Furniture rearrangement is not allowed as this can damage the floor as well.


We absolutely love pets, we have dogs ourselves. However, in order to maintain cleanliness, we ask that you do not bring your pet with you. No dogs or animals allowed on the property please. Bringing a pet without authorization forfeits your security deposit and you will be asked to check-out early without a refund.


While our property is secluded, we do have neighbors so we have quiet hours from 10 PM to 8 AM. Amplified sound or music is not permitted during quiet hours. If you have a concern during business hours, please text your concern to us at 928-351-1320. No parties allowed on the property.