Camp Picacho is a family owned partnership created between two couples - Leticia and Jose as well as Leticia and Juan. It's a mom, dad, daughter and husband venture! In October 2021, our family rented a cabin in a town nearby to celebrate mom's birthday and we absolutely loved it. A couple of days after coming back home, Juan was browsing Zillow curious to see what was on the market and lo and behold, he found what is now our cabin. Within a few weeks, we were already under contract and getting ready to close! Everything happened so fast, it was clearly meant to be. All four of us live in Phoenix just 6 miles away from each other! We stay busy with work and other projects but also enjoy family time. We love traveling when we can, meeting new people, and making new friendships.

The name Picacho comes from the large mountain you will see on your drive in, called Picacho Butte. It's one of the highest mountains around the area with an elevation of 7,171 feet. It can be seen from the I-40, Route 66, and you'll notice it as soon as you enter the gate into the property. It's pronounced "puh·ka·chow".

A lot of work has been put into this home and we're excited to share this journey with you. We cannot thank you enough for considering your stay at our cabin in beautiful northern Arizona. We’re so lucky to call this unique area of Arizona our home. Our goal is that you’ll have a rejuvenating getaway filled with adventure, nature and connecting to yourself and loved ones. Memories made at Camp Picacho will truly last a lifetime and beyond. Enjoy every moment!